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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is RegisterDirect? top
A: RegisterDirect is a leading New Zealand domain name Registrar. We offer domain name registrations, transfers and our full range of free domain name services which include 10 POP3 email accounts, unlimited email forwarding, Web Mail, URL Redirection and DNS Zone Management. In addition to this, we offer our popular $99 web hosting package, the HostDirect.

Q: How do I get started? top
A: Read our Affiliate Program Agreement, then fill out our brief online application. (It's fast--and free!) If you are accepted, you will be notified via email with your affiliate manager login information where you can begin setting up your links.

Q: Can anyone become an affiliate? top
A: You are eligible to become a RegisterDirect Affiliate if you have a Web site, are an active web developer/designer.

RegisterDirect reserves the right to refuse any affiliate applicant based on objectionable content.

Q: Does it cost anything to join? top
A: No, it's absolutely free and you can cancel your participation at any time.

Q: How much can I earn? top
A: RegisterDirect will pay you $25 per domain name registration, and $50 per HostDirect sign-up referred by your links.

We realise many people don't buy on impulse so our 30 day return policy means that we'll give you credit for visitors who come back to RegisterDirect within 30 days of clicking through from one of your links. You'll receive this credit even if they don't return to RegisterDirect directly through a link on your web site.

Q: How often will I get paid? top
A: RegisterDirect pays commissions once a month direct to your bank account provided you have met our minimum commission requirement of $100. If your commissions for any month do not meet that minimum, we'll roll over your balance into the following month(s) until you reach $100.

Q: Do I have to put links on my web site? top
A: No. If you prefer, you can manually place registrations for your clients through the online affiliate interface from the 'Get Links' section.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a RegisterDirect affiliate? top
A: You are responsible for directing your audience to visit our site. For example: Set up links on your site to the RegisterDirect site (as many as you'd like); promote RegisterDirect in emails to your opt-in email list; or advertise RegisterDirect through search engine results. Please keep in mind that RegisterDirect creative (e.g., logo, text links, banners) cannot be altered in any way. You must not engage in marketing techniques deemed to be SPAM, or unsolicited marketing.

Q: What are RegisterDirect's responsibilities? top
A: We'll take care of the registrations, billing, customer care and everything else related to the purchase experience. We are also committed to supporting our affiliates and ensuring on-time commission payments.

Q: Once my program is up and running, how do I view reports on sales activity from my web site? top
A: All RegisterDirect affiliates have access to a comprehensive online interface which is updated with live information reporting your transactions, clicks and banner links.

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