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Mail Forwarding

What is Mail Forwarding?

Mail forwarding allows you to set-up e-mail addresses at your new domain name and forward them to existing e-mail accounts.

Example: ->

I've added Mail Forwarding accounts but when I send an e-mail to the address I set up it bounces back saying 'No Such User'  Why?
Most mail forwarders you set-up are immediately available for use. However it may take;

-Up to 24 hours to be functional if you have just registered or transferred your domain name.

-Up to 1 hour if you have had a previous 'MX' record pointing to a host not associated with the Mail Forwarding service.

You can get a status on the visibility of your records associated with Mail Forwarding by using the 'Zone Management' interface.

I receive an "Email Address Already Exists" error when trying to add a mail-forwarding account, but there are no email addresses set-up.

If you receive this error, you probably already have an email address set-up under the POP3 / IMAP Accounts section. If you wish to forward the email address for this account you must first remove the address from the POP3 accounts section. On our system, it's not possible to have an email forwarder and a POP3 account for the same address. It must be one or the other.

I've created a POP account, and would like to forward mail for this account to another address.
  It is not possible to forward mail for a POP account to another address.
You must use the Mail Forwarding feature to do this.
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