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URL Redirection

What is the URL Redirection Service?

URL Redirection allows visitors to your website to be automatically redirected to an alternative website. In many cases this can be used to help provide short URLs for existing sites with complex ones.

If you have an existing site:

With URL Redirection enabled you can access this site just by accessing:

I've added a URL Redirection but it doesn't work. Why?
Most URL Redirection updates are visibile immediately. However it may take;

-Up to 24 hours to be visible if you have just registered or transferred your domain name.

-Up to 1 hour if you have had a previous 'A' record pointed to an IP address not associated with the URL Redirection service.

You can get a status on the visibility of your records associated with URL Redirection by using the 'Zone Management' interface.
What is Cloaking?

Cloaking allows you to redirect your URL whilst keeping your domain name active and visable in the users browser address bar. This is particularly useful if you host with a free provider and do not want your visitors to see the actual URL of your site.

As an example, if cloaking were enabled, a user would see this in the address bar:

Instead of this:

Will URL Cloaking effect my search engine rankings?

To be honest, yes it will. This is due to the way URL Cloaking works. Technically, when your domain name is typed into the address bar, the target page is loaded into a frameset on our server. This keeps your original domain name in the address bar. However, this makes it difficult for search engines to "read" your site, and will often cause it to score lower in rankings.

If search engine rankings are important to you, and you would like to use your new domain name for your web site, you will need to sign-up up for a web hosting account. Try our HostDirect option which includes 10MB of disk space for just $99 + GST per annum. More information here

What is a Meta Description tag or a Meta Keywords Tag?

Some search engines use Meta Tags to better index and rank your web site.

Enter a brief keyword rich description of your web site in the 'Meta Description' field and follow this up with 4 or 5 keywords relating to your site in the 'Meta Keywords' field.

The 'Site Title' field will include a title at the top of a users browser window.


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