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Web Mail

What is Web Mail?

Web Mail allows you to check your RegisterDirect POP3 email accounts from any web browser on any Internet connected computer. Whether it be from a cyber cafe, or a friends computer, checking and sending email on the run is easy with our web mail service. All you need is your POP3/IMAP username and password.

How do I access Web Mail?

If you have registered or transferred a domain name to RegisterDirect after Monday 15 October 2007, then you must use http://webmail.<> to access webmail services. Login with your full email address and password.

For customers with domain names transferred or registered before this date you can access the RegisterDirect Web Mail from the Web Mail link on our home page, or try this quick link:

To login you will need your POP3/IMAP Username and Password that you chose when creating your email address in the domain name client interface. If you can't remember your username or password you will need to login to the client interface to reset your password.

I get an error trying to delete email from my Inbox saying Quota Exceeded!

You have exceed your 100MB mail box size limit and this is causing problems because deleting mail from your inbox simply moves the messages to your trash folder. You should delete old messages out of the trash folder to clear some space. To delete all messages in the trash folder click on the 'Empty' link next to the trash folder link, alternatively you can delete messages selectively by clicking on the trash folder.

If you are trying to delete a large message from the Inbox and your trash folder is empty but you are still receiving the error message, you will need to disable the trash folder to be able to delete the message. You can do this by clicking on the Options link, and then folder preferences. Choose the 'Do not use trash' option. Click submit and logout and back in again. Now when you attempt to delete the email from the inbox it will be permanently deleted (unrecoverable) without being moved to the trash folder.

How much email can by mail box store?

While it's difficult to predict how many emails you will be able to store in your email account, every RegisterDirect POP3/IMAP email account is issued with 100MB of disk space. This is a very generous quota given that most internet providers usually allow only around 5MB! - Remember to regularly delete old messages from your trash folder to save disk space otherwise you could lose email if you email box becomes too full!


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