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NZ's Best Domain Name Package

When you register or transfer a domain name to RegisterDirect, you receive free domain name services that you can set up immediately after the registration is complete.

The following services can be activated online using your Account ID and Password and allow you to maximise the use of your domain name. Further information and assistance can be found at our Help section.

10 x POP3 / IMAP Email Accounts

Using POP3 / IMAP accounts (as opposed to email forwarding) means your email will be stored on our servers until you are ready to collect it using either a POP3 client such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, or using our web mail service.
Each of the 10 POP3/IMAP accounts is allocated 100MB of disk space for storing and collecting email.

Web Mail

RegisterDirect's powerful webmail, lets you take your business with you anywhere. Webmail is a web-based email client used for sending and receiving messages.

Webmail offers most of the features you would expect from conventional mail programs, including attachments, spell-check, address books and multiple folders.

Webmail Features Include:

Outlook Style Interface
Fully Supports HTML Email
Fast Message Searching
Address Book



100 Email Forwarding Accounts
Forward email sent to your domain name to an existing email address with our free email forwarding service. This allows you to easily use your domain name for email giving you a more professional image by having your domain name as your email address instead of using your ISP's domain name.

Example: ->

Advanced URL Redirection
Redirect all visitors to your domain name to an existing web site or ftp site. This could be used in conjunction with a free web hosting account provided by your ISP or a free web hosting service. Your visitors will find your web site address easier to remember and our URL redirection service is free from any banner advertising. Example:

If you have an existing site:

With URL Redirection enabled you can access this site just by accessing:

Includes URL Cloaking:

Cloaking allows you to redirect your domain name whilst keeping your domain name active and visible in the browser address bar. This is particularly useful if you host with a free provider and do not want your visitors to see the actual URL of your site.

As an example, if cloaking were enabled, a user would see this in the address bar:

Instead of this:

Includes Meta Tag and Description:
Some search engines use Meta Tags to better index and rank your web site.

Enter a brief keyword rich description of your web site in the 'Meta Description' field and follow this up with 4 or 5 keywords relating to your site in the 'Meta Keywords' field.

The 'Site Title' field will include a title at the top of a users browser window

DNS Zone Management
Zone Management allows you to control the set-up of your domain name records, otherwise know as DNS entries. Your domain name records are responsible for routing your Internet services eg. email and www. Previously this type of control was only available to system administrators but now RegisterDIRECT gives you this powerful facility!
Zone Management is ideal for system integrators needing immediate changes (1 hour propagation) to zone records without the need to consult with Internet service providers.

MX records
Use MX records to set-up email routing to an email server
A records
Use A records to set-up hostnames. e.g. or
CNAME records
Use CNAME records to set-up aliases for hostnames. e.g. to point to
  • 100 MB of Disk Storage
  • Full FTP Access
  • Website Statistics
  • Free Form Mailer
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Daily Secure Backups
  • No Traffic Charges

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RegisterDirect is a fully authorised .nz Registrar