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What Others are Saying About RegisterDirect

Im sold on your service today, its been absolutly terrific!!! I signed up today for my domain and was not sure if i registered properly and not 2 hours later i got an email to say that it was successful.

I was a little bit sceptical at first, as i had a bad experience my 1st time round with an american company ( and things just went from bad to worse.

Im literally jumping over the moon, with RegisterDirect. But this service im getting here is just phenomenal and i take my hat off to you for your excellent service.

Thank you and the Warmest Regards,
A joyful customer, Earl

I have just registered 3 domain names for a client via RegisterDirect. I have to say the process was very simple, excellent service. Your services easily outstrip those of Xtra (where you pay per click!) ,
Clear, Paradise and Freeparking. I like the way that my clients can come to me and I can offer them a one-stop shop.
Martin Wehipeihana, Nethomes

Thank you very much for attending to this as quickly as you did. Great follow up and service. I wish every company had the dedication and customer service ethos that you do.
Will be recommending you to colleagues, business associates and anyone looking to register in the NZ market.
Tom Velevski, IRM Pty Ltd

Fantastic, Thanks. I would also like to add that Register Direct are so easy to deal with. You always get things done very quickly and everything is done online which is fantastic. Thanks for making it so easy and a pleasure to deal with.
Michelle Lyver, Mcode

Praise should be given when it's deserved.
This is the second (and not the last) time I have recommended your hosting services to new clients of mine. We were delivered (Jan this year) via direct mail your brochure and decided to check it out. We haven't looked back since. Keep up the good work.
Wayne Meadows-Allan, Meadowset Graphics Ltd

I am very happy with the quality and ease of use of the RegisterDirect
service - as a marketing person (as opposed to an IT manager or developer) - I have found the site and processes easy to follow and reliable. Well done!
Ed Hayes, a + e communications

I commend you on a great site. I've seen many, used many, and yours really is a professional, usable, and valuable tool.
Chris Parker, Advantage Group

It's perhaps the most user friendly of the domain registration services that have sprung up.
National Business Review

Just a note of thanks for an extremely smooth domain registration and web hosting process. Sorry to give you another message to read - you must get these all the time - but your service is surely one of the most automated and professional in the world. None of the many services I have used in the UK and US match what you provide. It\'s a great self-service site. Congratulations.
Martin Ryan

Business Gateway are pleased to recommend Register Direct to our many visitors. These guys have an on-line system for managing your domain names and e-mail that is far superior than anything else we have seen here in New Zealand and quite simply the service you receive at Register Direct is absolutely brilliant.

What's more the cost of their service is so competitive it isn't funny. How they make a profit is beyond us for what we receive as a client of theirs.

And no we have no association with them apart from having our portal hosted with them plus well over 100 client domain names. They look after us well so this little plug is our way of saying thanks.
(Sourced from )
Alec McGifford, Business Gateway

Just wanted to say thanks so much for a great service. Domain registration, site and email setup has never been so easy - I was all done within an hour with no trouble at all. Your automated system is so friendly and easy to follow, it was a breeze! I'm happily convinced we've picked the right ISP to host with.

Well done and thanks again - we're glad to be working with you.
Catherynne Murphy, E3 Creations

You have an excellent service .. I've been looking for something like this for a while. I used to use to do all my DNS work but they still charge a small fee, needed a NZ based DNS host and now have found one ;)
Alain Russell, Blackpepper Interactive

We are confident that our clients will not be able to find a better quality of service through any other organisation than with Register Direct. It is for this reason that we will be recommending to our clients to shift to your services.
Danny Pouwels, e-Formation Limited

PS. I think you guys have an excellent service and at a good price - I'm thinking of changing my other personal site over to be hosted with you ...
Ruth Templer, the servery

My God, that was amazing!
I asked for the details.. 5 minutes ago, and you've got the details here already!
Outstanding service. Many Thanks!
Derek Gunn , Gunn Images Web Design

Hi, just wanted to say. It's so cool. I've been waiting for the service like this for a very long time.
p.s. I'll be using your services quite a lot in the near future!
Cheers, Pavel

I would like to say that Register Direct are so easy to deal with. You always get things done very quickly and everything is done online which is fantastic. Thanks for making it so easy and a pleasure to deal with.
Michelle Lyver, Mcode

You have an AMAZING service.
I used the tools for the first time today and I am amazed!
I have used several provider's tools from Melbourne IT to MyDomain and nothing even comes close to the simplicity and effectiveness that you provide. I will now move ALL my domains to you in the coming weeks.
THANK YOU, keep up the great work.
Saad Lebdeh

  • 10 MB of Disk Storage
  • Full FTP Access
  • Website Statistics
  • Free Form Mailer
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Daily Secure Backups
  • No Traffic Charges

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